12 weeks (a little late)

Well, weekly updates are a nice aspiration. Here’s hoping it works better as our new little boo grows!

12 week questions

Best moment of the week: The heartbeat. Hands down. I was all prepared not to hear it and then there it was! It was sort of exciting but also just… peaceful. Relaxing muscles i didn’t realize were tense.

Hardest moment of the week: The day I had the migraine and threw up twice after having thought I was done with the nausea. Or possibly the night I couldn’t sleep because of heartburn.

Nausea update:¬†Nausea is way better. Vitamins still set it off if I don’t have enough on my stomach, and I’ve had a lot of heartburn that doesn’t respond well to antacids. Being more careful about my diet has seemed to help. Because I’m focusing on protein, I’m eating fewer simple carbs and junky stuff. I’ve also been really into vegetables again which I think helps decrease the acid in my stomach. I’m still more picky about food than I was pre-pregnancy but able to eat more varied and healthy foods.

Who has been the most excited of the people you’ve told so far? Pretty much everyone has been excited but I’m particularly enjoying sharing pregnancy with my sister who is 5 1/2 weeks ahead of me.

How does it feel to be done with the first trimester? Being done with the first trimester is amazing. I now know that there is in fact a baby in there, and as far as we can tell s/he is healthy. The risk of miscarriage is down to 1% and I’m not vomiting every day! Interestingly I seemed to have a little reprieve from the fatigue for a week or two but have started feeling it again especially in the afternoons. I’m hoping that the increased protein will help with that. I also need to get out and walk more but the weather has made that difficult. If I’m able to brave the rain and wind though, i think that might help the energy as well. Mostly I’m excited that I can even think about these things rather than just trying to get through the day.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to over the next week? Over the next week I’m excited about Christmas of course. I’m also excited about thinking of cute ways to announce my pregnancy on Facebook, and I’m even looking forward to hearing that our midwife has the right kind of test tube in for the A1C cause it means another chance to listen for the baby before our next formal prenatal appointment.

About the baby

This week we had the first prenatal with our fantastic midwife. She said everything looked great and we even had the luck to hear the little boo’s heartbeat on the doppler! 150’s with good variability. Go baby go!

Size: 2.1 inches, or the size of a clementine (very seasonally appropriate!)

Developmental fun fact: The baby can already yawn, hiccup, and swallow.

Sex: Still unknown…

A note from the other mama

This past week has been a little calmer, particularly since hearing the heartbeat. I know Leah has been anxious about it, which makes me anxious by association. There’s no sound like the steady woosh of your child’s heart. At night sometimes, when Darwin is well asleep, I’ll gently lay my ear against her chest to listen to her heart and breath. I still can hardly believe that, assuming all goes well, there will be another little person in our lives in a mere six months.


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