15 months

Last Thursday was the 15 month mark, making it a year since the end of the fourth trimester. What a difference a year makes! I remember thinking how big she was, but now we have a walking, talking, opinionated toddler!

The walking:
Darwin is fully mobile now. She walks everywhere, climbs up on things, can get off the bed on her own (often with a gleeful look that I can only think means “freedom!”), and particularly loves to run around outside. Everyone warned us about how hard it would be once she was moving, but overall we’re still waiting for that shoe to drop.

The talking:
Everything that comes out of our mouths is repeated. It’s not always clear, but it’s comprehensible. The other night during one of her wake ups she sat up and started saying ‘woof’!

For my own record, a non-exhaustive list of what she says: Mama, MamaLeah (still working on MamaRae), auntie, ta-da!, moon, owl, finch, Chex, Opa, baba (maybe baby, Bobbie, or Grandma), nurse, Yesh!, book, hop, bunny, papa, blueberry, bath, shower, shoe, touch, light, more-more, help, all done, and pretty. She will shake her head or say “uh uh” for no, but doesn’t say “no” much at all. She also signs milk, more, please, and thank you.

Animal sounds are hilarious and include snorting like a pig, bok-bok for chicken, whooo for owl, moo for cow, cockadoodle-doo for rooster (not well, but obviously), woof for dog, pup for otter (anytime we say otter she says pup, including asking what it says), and tweet-tweet for bird.

The body parts:
This month Darwin began to distinguish between “Darwin’s ____” and “Mama’s ____” for the body parts she knows. This include: belly, nose, toes, feet, ears, eyes (isn’t it fun when they figure this one out and want to shove their fingers into your eye?), teeth, and tongue.

Our childcare swap is one of my favorite things about our community right now. Darwin clearly enjoys spending the day with her little buddy Nelson, and in the afternoon also gets to play with her friend Annika. She is learning social skills like sharing and not biting, as well as dancing (Annika is a talented dancer), and hand-holding. Darwin has as much love for their parents as for anyone I’ve seen her with, asking for hugs when she sees them and shining her big cheesy grin at them regularly.

Darwin also enjoys seeing her little buddy from Pot and Lid, and the other day when I asked if she wanted to see him she ran to the door and became a bit distraught when he didn’t magically appear.


I’ll conclude with a short story from the other evening. Darwin went down for bed very early  – 6 pm instead of 8 pm (or 9 pm…). It was before dinner, so I suspected she might wake up hungry sometime in the night (more than for nurses). Around 9 she awoke and nursed. Then nursed some more. Then sat up and said, “CHEX!” and looked at me expectantly in the light of the lava lamp, which we use as a night light. I said “you want Chex?” and she got a huge smile on her face and started bouncing, saying “yes yes yes! Chex!” How could you ever say no to that?? She proceeded to eat half a cup of Chex before going back to sleep and sleeping for a 4 hour stretch. I think Chex may become a before bed snack if that’s what happens when she eats them!



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