10 Weeks

Leah is 10 weeks (plus a few days) pregnant! I’ve told her that I’ll do a weekly update throughout the process, and here is the first one.

10 Week questions

Best moment this week: Darwin learning to say baby. She says “baba,” which reminds me of Ireland and makes me happy. I know she doesn’t understand about me being pregnant, but I think it’s cute and it melts my heart to think of her interacting with this little one next summer!

Hardest moment this week: Vomiting emphatically right before my last presentation in my favorite class. Luckily I was able to make it to the bathroom in time, but it would have been nice to end the term on a less shaky, nauseated note.

Something unexpected about pregnancy: How little I’ve connected with the bean. I have tried giving it a nickname– Bábóg, which means baby doll in Irish, looking at pictures and following along with the app that tells me what is developing or changing each day, etc, but besides throwing up all too frequently, I don’t feel pregnant. I keep expecting to start my period and realize I was never pregnant, just late. (6 weeks late, but you know…)

Favorite food: This changes almost daily. I can almost always eat simple carbs, especially bread and sugary things, but lately I’ve also been really into tomatoes and other vegetables, and I like my smoothies in the morning.

Foods you can’t stand:  Eggs have been really difficult. Protein in general has been hard. Cheese is really hit-or-miss. Pizza is a huge turnoff, and the smell of pork has been vomit-inducing. The biggest problem I’ve had has been with food just not being appetizing, even if it isn’t specifically nauseating. When coupled with the fact that I’m hungry pretty much all the time, this has been an issue and has led to me consuming wayyyy more junk than I usually would, just because nothing else sounds good.

Thing you’re most looking forward to about the end of the first trimester: The thing I’m looking forward to is hearing the heartbeat. I’m really hoping it will help me connect with the little bean, and I will rest easier knowing it’s actually in there and doing what it’s supposed to. 🙂

About the baby

Size: about 1.2 inches, or the size of a kumquat

Developmental fun fact: currently the head is about half the total length of the body.

Sex: unknown. Differentiation begins around week 6, but we won’t know until the anomaly scan around 20 weeks.

A note from the other mama

This week brings with it the end of the first term of Leah’s PhD program, and marks 1/4th of the pregnancy having passed. It is amazing how fast it feels like things are moving this time around. Probably because I’m not obsessing over every ache and twinge (was that the baby or a gas bubble?).

I feel like I may be more excited this time around, perhaps because I know I won’t have to be the one recovering from a birth? Maybe because I feel like I need to be extra supportive of a very busy, stressed out spouse? Who knows. Sometimes I forget for a brief moment that it’s happening, but then it hits me over the head and I’ll get the silliest grin on my face.



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