14 months

14 months has been both amazing, in terms of language development and interactions with others, and the death of the nap.

It’s hard to keep up with her rapidly expanding vocabulary, but here’s a sample. Yes, no, no more, done, more, apple, mama, puff, cat, dog,  bock-bock (chicken), book, la la la (the singing pigs), whooo (what the owl says), and milk. She probably has several dozen more hiding in her now constant babbling. It’s so fascinating to watch her figure out this talking thing!

On the other note…the last three days Darwin has taken one 30 minute *or less* nap each day. I have cajoled, bounced, let her cry on me, walked, sung, taken her in the car…she’s having none of it for naps. Now, on the upside she’s also asleep before 8 (one night at 6:30), so our evenings have been kind of relaxing, but she’s clearly not ready to be a napless little monster. Any nap strike stories in solidarity would be most appreciated.


Rosy cheeks after a 30 minute nap

Other sweet anecdotes include…Darwin now comes running and throws her arms around my neck when I hold it my hands to her…on Saturday we went on a hike with Opa and he handed her two leaves. She carried them with her for the next hour and they are currently sitting in our car…she is eating again, and eating well – tonight she chowed through a pile of tofu…she blows kisses constantly…she gives the best cheesy grin ever, particularly when asked if she wants to nurse.

I love this kid.


9 thoughts on “14 months

  1. Aw, I remember loving 14 months! No concrete memories about sleeping from me, I’m afraid, but this definitely sounds like a strike/regression. We survived several and I’m sure you will too. I’m sure she’ll figure out whatever her brain is working on and resume her lovely napping ways. And in the meantime, early bedtimes for everyone!

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  2. Ouff the nap transitions are hard! I think around that age my daughter was sometimes skipping a nap (usually the morning one) but we did everything we could to ensure at least one nap right after lunch. At 18 months she moved to the older group at daycare and they only have one nap after lunch, so we adapted our routine at home. Darwin could be just hitting a bump but will go back to naps again. We thought recently that naps were done with altogether (she just turned 3) but they still nap her at daycare for 1-2 hours, so we play it by ear on weekends. On days where she doesn’t nap, she’s definitely not as happy of a kid (and neither are we!). Good luck with surviving the regression!!

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  3. She will nap again – she’s way too young to drop it. It sounds like a regression to me, and it’ll be over before you know it! Evie had a couple nap strikes in her life but I can’t remember the ages…(too tired to remember, perhaps?!).

    Darwin is adorable. ❤

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  4. Those eyes are so beautiful!
    I am sorry about the nap thing. This past weekend our two littles decided they wanted no part of naps. Now remember they are only 6 months old so a total of maybe 1 hour worth of naps over two days times 2 equals complete chaos. But of course we take them to day care Monday and they take 2 2 hour naps. UGH! Kids! Guess we just have to roll with it. Hope she decided she loves naps again soon.

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  5. Our fifteen month old is down to one nap a day. Our pediatrician once told us that wee ones sleep less when they’re learning something new–because their brains are so excited about the new thing. When G first started standing on his own, he slept much less for a week, and my wife and I almost lost OUR minds… I wonder if Darwin is so excited to be talking that she can’t sleep–she’s got too much to say these days!


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