Playing catch up

I’ve been relatively cryptic in my recent posts so I’ve finally decided to write up some password protected posts that I’ll make public later. If you’re reading this while it’s private then you are either among a very small number in our lives that we know and have given a password to, or we know each other only through the land of blog.

In July, Leah started tracking her cycles in anticipation of trying to get pregnant in September. That was the first month she realized her luteal phase was really short. Like, 9-10 days rather than the usual 14. For those of you who have dealt with trying to conceive long enough to know your cycle, you may know that a short luteal phase is a very bad thing when it comes to conception. It’s responsible for all sorts of things, from not getting pregnant at all (hard) to having reoccurring miscarriages (really effing hard). We hoped it was a fluke.

Due to the realization that we essentially had a three month window to get her pregnant before the summer would be eaten and she would have no time with a newborn before starting fall classes, we ended up trying for the first time in August. Another short cycle, no luck with the possibility that it was a fluke. Step one was to try using Vitex to help boost her progesterone and lengthen her luteal phase. She started as soon as she confirmed she wasn’t pregnant in August. September came and we tried again, hoping that the Vitex was helping. (Have I mentioned that our donor is a rock star?) No luck. Another short cycle, in spite of confirming ovulation.

The reality of PMS symptoms mirroring early pregnancy is an evil that knows no bounds. At least Leah has been tracking her temperature, so she’s been able to see the drop on the day when she eventually starts her period. So this month came, she tried using Wondfo ovulation tests and never got a positive, but was pretty sure she ovulated based on temperature and cervical mucous (I don’t believe in the concept of “too much information” when it comes to reproduction and adults, so deal or you can stop reading). Our donor came through again and we began the two week wait, or as we had come to know it, the ten day wait.

On Saturday I noticed that Leah’s temperature chart was identical to mine (temps within .02 degrees) from the month I got pregnant with Darwin. That was 8 days past ovulation (as best we could tell without a positive ovulation test). She was cramping a bit and the strongest symptom was super sore breasts. This was sounding very familiar, so you can imagine our disappointment when she had a half degree temperature drop on Sunday morning.

Then on Monday morning I was woken up by my lovely wife saying “Rachel. I think I’m pregnant,” and handing me a pregnancy test with a very clear positive line on it. At 10 dpo.

This morning, another positive test. Now at 11 dpo. Fingers crossed.


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