13 months

Well, I was feeling annoyed with how little I could remember about 12 months, specifically, so here I am at 7 in the morning on the morning of month 13 starting the monthly update. Go me. Edit: it took me all day, but by gosh, I finished it before I went to bed!

In spite of all my recent whining and complaining this month has been pretty incredible in a lot of ways. Darwin learned a lot from her sudden, regular time spent with a toddler just a little older than her and a 3 year old. Like going up steps and down the slide on the other side all on her own.

Her stats are finally leveling off a bit. Height 30.5 inches; weight 22.6 lbs; head circumference 18.7 inches. I suspect the three illnesses that made up September may have contributed to the slowed weight gain. We shall see at her 15 month appointment.

I think I’ll do a 13 for 13 this month because so much has gone unmentioned!

image1) Using a spoon to eat. That’s right! It’s not clean but I’d say she gets more than half the food into her mouth. She picked up this skill very quickly by watching her little buddy. We never really gave her the option until this month since she had a tendency of using the spoon to either fling food or gag herself. Now she won’t eat without at least one spoon in hand. Preferably one in each.

There are now many foods she will refuse from us on her tray or from a pouch that she will eat off of a spoon. She’s a goof for sure.

2) Nursing has become the best thing in the world again. Darwin really stopped being super excited about nursing after about 4 or 5 months. There was a period where she would only nurse at night (how did we survive that?!?). Also, the three months where she wouldn’t nurse in public, during which she would often pretend to want to nurse until my milk let down, then whip her head away and let me get soaked.

I don’t know what the switch was, but she will now ask to nurse (nrssssss) while tugging at my shirt, nurse thoroughly, and often (be still my mama heart) nurse to sleep for naps and at night.

Honestly, there were times I wondered if she was self weaning. I’m so glad I stuck with it and we made it this far. 13 months of nursing and counting.

3) Brushing teeth. Now that Darwin has 12 teeth we’re making a point to brush (or let her brush) her teeth at night. The pretend toothbrush motions we mimic in one of her bedtime books seem to be helping her figure it out. She still needs help with her molars, but I think we’re off to a good start.

4) Slides are so much fun.

image        image

image5) Friends. Darwin has friends. We’ve had babies and young kids that we have spent time with throughout the last 13 months, but now she has begun to show interest in actually interacting. Sometimes it works out (like when she and her little buddy hold hands), sometimes not so much (like when she thinks maybe biting is equivalent to a kiss). It’s amazing to watch her little wheels turning as she figures out how other kids will respond to things she does. Plus now I have other little sweet peas in my life and that’s always a plus in my book.

image6) Hugs are becoming a thing. Darwin searches out physical affection now. She will climb into my lap, put her arms around my neck, hand in my hair and lay her head on my shoulder. She is a sweet bug.

image7) Reading. No, Darwin isn’t reading words in books, but she will sit for significant portions of time just looking at pictures. She even sat in her little rocking chair this morning and looked through two books all on her own. She’s clearly in the right family!

8) Cutting back on morning naps. We’re pushing this a little earlier than Darwin is really ready for as a result of two things. First, she’s fighting naps when she takes two. Taking one afternoon nap generally means I nurse her and she’s asleep in less than 5 minutes, sleeps longer, and is less cranky in the afternoon. Second, her buddy doesn’t nap in the morning, so the only way to nap Darwin is to put her in the Ergo, strap the little dude into the stroller and walk. imageThis requires trying to get Darwin to sleep and keep the little buddy awake. Also, one nap has meant easier and earlier bed times. A shift from 10pm to 8pm? Yes please!

DarwinSlide9) Outside is the best ever. Nothing makes Darwin happier than being outside. Especially if there is a slide involved.

10) Food has become a hit or miss activity. Some days Darwin will eat adult sized portions or whatever is served. Most days she smears it all over and tries to feed it to the dog.

11) “Touch” all the things. Darwin wants to put her fingers on everything, and will demand ‘touch’ very persistently now. Sometimes I think she’s actually saying ‘touch that’, but in not convinced yet.

12) “Mama.” Finally, as of last night, or little talker started saying mama. It was the most beautiful sound.

image13) Saving the best for last – Darwin started really walking last night (she seems to have a penchant for hitting major milestones on month markers)! I have a nice video of it, but WordPress hates video, so I’ll describe it because it is hilarious. She takes anywhere from 2 or 3, up to about 12 steps right now, hand in the air for balance (see the photo for a slightly less exuberant version). She can get up from sitting on the floor – kid has a better core than me, that’s for sure! So far she seems mostly happy to crawl still unless we put her down on her feet, in which case she takes off walking until she stumbles, then finishes by crawling to her destination.

So there we have it. 13 months.  And just to put it in perspective for myself…

One month

One month


Thirteen months


4 thoughts on “13 months

  1. DD went through weird stages with weaning too. At around 18 months she actually didn’t ask for our bedtime nurse which she had been holding onto, and as I had been having such a hard time getting & staying pregnant I didn’t offer. It broke my heart but that was the beginning of our end to nursing. It broke my heart again the next night when she asked for it and I had to tell her we don’t nurse anymore. Boo. I’m looking forward to that sweet-despite-exhausting bonding time with baby #2 coming soon. 🙂


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