12 months

Well, it’s the eve of Darwin’s 13th month, so I guess I should write up her 12 month update! This past month has been a little bit of a bear, but what really got me through it was not beating myself up too badly for not keeping up with non-essential stuff. Illnesses have passed, Leah started her PhD program with only one minor meltdown in the first two weeks, and I’ve had coffee, so now is the time to write.

Digging back to the one year mark…Darwin broke the skin on molars 3 and 4 shortly after the 10th of September. Her language was beginning to expand (I’ll last all her words in the 13 month update…). She was being very picky about food, some days only nursing, probably because of aforementioned molars.

12 months was a rough patch, partly because of a lack of sleep. Darwin still wakes up 2 to 6 times a night to nurse. 2 is doable. 3 is OK. 4 starts to get hard…5 and 6 mean I’m living vicariously through my coffee cup and, sometimes, hallucinating ants. I hate ants.

I was also surprised by how emotional I was. A year is a big deal. I never considered that my birthday would, of course mean a milestone for my parents too. Yet here I was, tearing up over little things,mostly happy tears as I took the time to remember going into labor, looking at photos of Darwin’s birth, and thinking about how far she has come in a short/long year. How far we’ve come as a family. It’s pretty amazing. I can hardly wait to have our next addition. When it happens Darwin is going to be a kick butt big sister.


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