Due dates past (and other random thoughts of a sleepless mama)

I had every intention of writing about my pregnancy as it happened, then a year after it happened, and here I am, a year past my due date without having managed it. Ah well. One thing being a parent has taught me is the joy of letting go of things that are not vital in the moment.

But today is September 8th. It was the date I focused on for a whole 9 months of my life and so it will always give me pause when I see it on the calendar.

The night of my due date the minister from our church (I’m a UU in case the whole church thing throws anyone off) came and did a blessing way. I was surrounded by some of the strongest women in my life and I felt their strength hold me up while I labored the very next day.

Reaching my due date was a little hard. Everyone expected me to go early. I was born at around 35 weeks myself. I never really expected to be pregnant the day after my due date. I began to worry that I would go really late instead. In spite of the fact that I knew that average pregnancies last 40 + 5, I felt pretty funky all day. For those who end up in this situation and have had no signs of impending labor, take heart: I had no false labor. I went from nothing to 3-1-1 contractions in about 2 hours.

A friend stopped by my office today. One of those people who comes in and out of life without it feeling like you’re neglecting them or vice versa. I haven’t seen her in a little over a year. She’s almost six months pregnant. I couldn’t have heard better news today.

And now I am laying in bed with a nearly one year old sprawled out beside me, fast asleep. I’m thinking about how long and how short a year is. Could I have anticipated how incredible parenthood would be? I don’t think I came close to comprehending. Nor how challenging. I can’t wait to see how Darwin grows and changes this year. 

In other, more day to day news, we began a childcare swap with friends who had a sweet little boy a couple months older than Darwin. They also have a sweet 3 year old who will be in day care (although I don’t mind being a backup for her either). I can’t even begin to describe my joy at this arrangement. Between the ability to play with another kiddo, me getting to play with another kiddo, and the fact that they do beer and pizza night in a regular basis? Success.

And love to all you new mamas who are having a bit of a struggle with your new role. I hope each of you has someone, or a village, to hold you up. And if not, you have a community of bloggers here who seem to be entirely ready to do so. You have my email. Use it any time you need. 


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