Currently on day (or night?) 3 of molar-watch 2015, take two. The stubborn little bottom molar appeared to be making significant progress based on the visual available during the 11am scream yesterday morning. No sightings have been attempted since that point. Also, for those who question the usefulness of amber teething necklaces, we can no longer keep Darwin’s on (she yanks it off and immediately shoves it in her mouth), this is by far the least pleasant erupting tooth yet. Epic drool for the first time and the worst three nights and days of sleep since the 4th trimester. Case in point: I am currently acting as a baby bed.


12 thoughts on “Molars

  1. Oy rough. We had a rough one last night too… up every hour with inconsolable screaming. I was wondering if it was a molar, but I’m not sure. Good luck, hope that bugger pops through and gives her some relief (and you too!)


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