I love Friday. The way our current schedule works, I am with Darwin all day on Fridays. Some days we while away at home, others we have little adventures, like walking to the local park. Today we woke up at 6:55 (well, Darwin woke me up) and Leah made coffee and smoothies for breakfast.

We took her to work then popped over to my parent’s house. They’re in Maine visiting family and friends and we’re taking care of their little dog Roo, cat Olivia, and the gardens. My parents gave excellent vegetable gardens in very small spaces. We have purchased no vegetables and only bananas for produce over the last two weeks.



After taking care of things there we headed home. Often Darwin will fall asleep in the car if we had home around 9, but today it was no dice. We got home, had a snack, played build-the-tower/knock-down-the-tower, until Darwin started getting blinky. She fell right asleep for her morning nap, way early (rarely does she sleep before 11 if she doesn’t fall asleep in the car). Of course, it was the morning the minister from our church was going to come play with her while I finally got to do some yard work. Luckily she came prepared and helped me weed a bed for about 10 minutes before Darwin woke up and they went off on a walk together and I spent over an hour pulling weeds and spreading bark mulch in a bed that had weeds taller than my head. It was so satisfying.


Gardening is one of those things that calms me down and centers me when I’m feeling frayed around the edges. It was so wonderful to focus on something other than toy towers or cleaning the house. I am so appreciative of folks who love my kid and want to spend an hour or two with her every once in a while.

After gardening we had lunch and more play time, and suddenly Darwin was rubbing her eyes, an hour early for her afternoon nap. Guys. She went to sleep in about 20 minutes and slept for 90 minutes without needing any kind of coaxing. I read a chapter in a book that I’ve been wanting to read. I played with the dog (quietly). I decompressed.

We picked up Leah from work at 4:30 and took care of my parent’s animals again. Home, dinner, baby to sleep, and now Shrek and knitting/blogging. It’s been a good day.


4 thoughts on “Friday

  1. I also find gardening really calming – if I’m in a bad mood, I often take myself off to the garden. There’s something about the combination of being outside, feeling connected to the earth, and doing something with your hands, that feels very good. It nearly always makes me calmer and happier.

    Are those currant bushes that Darwin’s eyeing?

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