Eleven months

I’ve been thinking about what to write about for my last monthly update before Darwin is a full calendar year old all day. It has been a very long week at our house, so this will be a short update. Of course, twelve months will be epic so don’t be too sad. I don’t have stats this month because she will no longer hold still on the scale, but I’m guessing we’re up to 23 lbs based on the ache in my back!


Looking thrilled in her new backpack

Darwin’s most interesting achievement this month was pointing. She now points at everything. Each object in her baby colors book gets a point. Mamas are pointed at, kitties, Scout the dog, and often the pointing is followed by happy noises that suggest to me the pointee meets with Darwin’s approval. Points for Darwin!

Turning book pages is another fun achievement. Darwin will crawl over to her shelf in the living room that is filled with her books and toys, pull herself to standing (her books are in the second shelf), select a book, slide it off the shelf, sit down (albeit gracelessly), and proceed to ‘read’ every page. Often the book is upside down, but that is not a deterrent. This can go on for upwards of 20 minutes.

The fact that Darwin will focus on books for such lengthy periods of time provides me with much needed breaks, since naps now suck. Seriously, there is no sugar coating this one. Some days she’ll sleep for an hour twice, more often it’s either one hour or two 40 minute naps. And bedtime remains a fight. This may be the result of the first molar. It popped through yesterday. 13 to 18 months my left foot. Well, we’re up to 9 teeth now, each tooth having shown up 2 to 4 months ahead of schedule. At least she wasn’t born with teeth, right? I’m still very hopeful that this means naps will be better. Of course, there are three more molars in there, lurking. Waiting to cause more strife.


Chomp chomp chomp.

Overall though, our 11 month old is a delight. She has become incredibly snuggly, loves to blow raspberries, and has found her belly laugh at last. Happy 11 months little Darwin.


14 thoughts on “Eleven months

  1. I love that photo of her in the back carry – looking so unimpressed (or tired?). She seems like a really awesome little girl. Evelyn also sits for long periods of time reading books, too. I know what a blessing that is, especially on crappy nap days!

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  2. lifeasagaymom says:

    Darwin looks like an extremely happy girl. She looks content. Good job on the book reading. I love parents that expose infants to literature, it pays off. I read to my boys in the womb, when they came home from the hospital. My five year old LOVES story time, it’s the only thing he can remain seated for long amounts of time. She has a lot of teeth, holy moly. Leo’s approaching nine months and none have peeked through yet. Ughhh I do NOT want to do them all at once.

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  3. The backpack pic is freaking great! Also, my father was actually born with 4 teeth in his mouth. Very rare, but it does happen. His pictures at about a week old, show a milk wasted newborn, with 3 teeth on the bottom and 1 on the top! I shit you not! And babies reading books upside down is my favorite! Happy 11 months Dar!

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