Gratitude (tbc)

I’ve been writing on this post for a while, so I figure I may as well put out there what I have so far.

Health. No one in my family currently has a terminal disease. Health issues here and there, some concern about an older family member, but overall we’re a pretty healthy bunch. In particular, Leah, Darwin, and I are all currently healthy. Leah’s shoulder surgery is past us and her recovery has been stellar.

Basic necessities. We do not worry about where we are going to sleep at night, nor do we worry about where our next meal is going to come from. I am so grateful that we have not only access to these basic necessities, but a community of support that holds us up when they are harder to come by easily (like after a baby is born or shoulder surgery).

Family. My parents live in town. My daughter knows them and spends Tuesday mornings with her grandma. The gratitude here is both that my parents are helpful, and that I can watch them building a relationship with my kid. Also there is the relationship that we have to each other as I have become a parent. That has been a really neat experience. My wife also fits into this grateful category. She actually fits into many of them, but most clearly here. I am so grateful for the last 12 years spent with her (12 in September, that is). Que suerte.

Baseball. Darwin loves baseball. Seriously. We have gone to 4 or 5 games with her this year and she stays awake and alert from beginning to end. Well, okay, sometimes by the end she’s a little droopy, but she makes it through the whole game.

Transportation. Yes, our car has problems. But we do have access to a way to fix it and keep eating. Mostly. Currently I’m grateful for the fact that I actually got a second opinion. Know what? The “leaking” head gasket is barely leaking. To the point where our second opinion said it would never be something he would recommend doing at this point. We have about 15,000 miles to go before we need to replace our timing belt for regular service so we’ll have it done at the same time. Needless to say I won’t be going back to the original shop to have it done.

Work. I have a job through next June. Leah has employment through September and will be teaching classes during the school year to cover her tuition and provide a small stipend. I also have had the brilliant idea to start my own editing business. I’m a nerd. I love language. When I have been asked to be a peer reviewer for articles in my field I go through and edit them first or I can’t move forward. It’s a sickness. I might as well make some money off of it…

Animals. Our dog, Scout, and our four cats, Uke, Petey, Mouse, and Marigold are great. They still love us in spite of bringing a baby into the house. Petey and Scout love Darwin. Darwin’s first word was “kitteh”. She also says “dog” now, and identifies dogs when we’re out and about, and in books and photos. There’s also nothing like a puppy snuggle to make me feel a little better about the world.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude (tbc)

  1. You sure do have so much to be grateful for! Makes me think about putting more gratitude in my attitude. And isn’t it funny how our relationship with our parents change when we have kids. I have spoken more to my mother on the phone these past 6 months than I have the past 6 years…actually, the past 16 years to be honest! It’s pretty amazing…and weird, but mostly amazing…glad you have all this awesome stuff in your life..makes me smile…

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