It is August, and in our family that means the beginning of birthday season. Today I turned 32 years old. This is the first year where I have actually felt my age in a long time. Not in a bad way, but because of the reality that having a child forced me to mature a lot in a short time. Being the sole source of sustenance for a whole other person for 6 months will do that to you I suppose.

I have a less than happy association with my birthday since becoming an adult (I spent my 21st birthday alone, and that was one of my better birthdays), although this year started out with a very snuggly baby and birthday pancakes, and Leah’s gift to me was tickets to a Dar Williams concert in October, so things are looking up.

This year I birthed an amazing daughter, became a mama, learned how to balance work and nursing (mostly), reinvented my community (or rather, it was reinvented around me with having a baby), became an Aunt again,  supported my wife through shoulder surgery and recovery, found so much love and support to get through the year. I’d say it’s been a good year overall.

Next year already includes my wife starting a phd program and my job ending in June due to funding (not unexpected) so some kind of new work.  Bring it.



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