Darwin likes stairs. For the first time I am grateful that our house is only one story. At Grandma and Opa’s house however…






6 thoughts on “Stairs

  1. Fun! One downfall of having a baby who didn’t crawl is he doesn’t know how to do stairs. We are working on it, but oh man, I just really hope he doesn’t fall and get hurt. Also glad the only stairs we have are a few exterior ones to our front door and a few interior ones to our back door (which are gated off)


  2. Yeah, Brian learned to crawl one day and the next he learned how to climb the stairs. Now he’s walking so it’s only a matter of time before he’s running up the stairs. These babies, I’ll tell ya! Don’t you feel like you are getting way more activity now with a mover?

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  3. First, she’s got just the happiest little face. Second, we had to teach the kids on our outdoor, concrete steps because apartment living, so we’ve never had a stair crawler, but we’ll have stairs soon and I imagine we’ll be spending hours watching them climb up and down.


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