“Everything looks great overall”

This is only loosely connected to parenthood, so feel free to skip it if you’re not interested in hearing my pissed off self bemoaning crap luck. I hate vehicles. I mean, seriously hate. I think I’m to the point where I avoid taking my car in because every time there is something. But you know, I figured, new-ish car, bought from the dealer, only 77000 miles on it, I can take it in for an oil change and start to reverse this negative trend in my life. So when the tech came out to let me know they were done and say, I kid you not ‘overall everything still looks great’ My first thought was ‘awesome, finally!’ Y’all, he’s was either an asshole who thought I was stupid, or feeling really guilty that they sold me a car 5 months ago in which both head gaskets are now cracked. He played it off like a $2000, two-day repair for a one car family was nothing.

The loose connection to parenthood is that this was the final nail in the coffin of us trying to add one more to the family in the next year. It brings our unexpected expenses up to more than a quarter of our income over the past 12 months (not including expected large expenses like a new roof, and Leah’s shoulder surgery). Adulting really sucks sometimes.


8 thoughts on ““Everything looks great overall”

  1. lifeasagaymom says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. I hope you can remain positive and not let this get you down. We had car issues for years, I swore it was a curse against me. Our oldest Shawn spent many days broke down with us, it was horrid. As a matter of fact, during our last pregnancy we were on our way to take maternity pictures. I was huge, everyone was dressed up the weather was 102 in California at the time and we broke down on the side of the freeway. Our minivan overheated ten minutes before we were supposed to take sunset pictures. Needless to say we didn’t make maternity pictures, but it ended up being funny because Cherish and her mom jumped a fence to steal water from a farmers drip system to put in our van. I had the pictures to laugh about it later. I had a sweat band under my big ol pregnant belly. We now have purchased a newer vehicle with the same milage as yours, I’m soooo sooo hoping the curse doesn’t continue. Finances suck….adulthood sucks. I hope everything turns up better for your family soon:)


    • Thanks! Yeah, adulthood sucks in a lot of ways, but then I look at my kid and it’s worth it. I’m planning a post on gratitude because I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed by useless bad luck this year, and yet so much has been wonderful. So yeah. Focusing on the good as much as I can!

      Fingers crossed that your vehicle luck changes!


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