On my own (sort of)

MamaLee had jetted of to Pittsburgh to meet our sweet 4 – week – old niece and help out a bit in these early, special days. So until July 5th it’s just me, Darwin, and it menagerie. Except that we spent yesterday with my parents, and lunch and dinner today with them. And my mom is watching Darwin while I work this week. And Tuesday we’re going to a baseball game with friends. And Wednesday friends are bringing us dinner and adult conversation. And Thursday other friends. And Friday friends for first Friday dinner. And then the fourth with friends and my parents. So. I guess not really alone after all.


Oh yes. And we’re up to official crawling, climbing, cruising, and attempting to balance with no hands. Bit of a week!


5 thoughts on “On my own (sort of)

  1. lifeasagaymom says:

    What is Darwin’s exact age? When did she pick up crawling? My first skipped it all together but our little Leo is at 7 months is beginning to rock.


    • She’s nine-and-a-half months. She started the army crawl at about nine months and is fully mobile now. My recollection is that is typically between 7 and 11 months. We have a friend whose son started crawling at 5 months and was walking by 7 though!


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