New baby cousins are the best

Darwin has a new little cousin as of Saturday afternoon! Zuri Avella was born way, way too far away from us, and we are so grateful for the Internet! How did people do this 200 years ago!?


We like to say that Darwin is excited, but I think primarily by the possibility of eating paper… can’t wait to get these cousins together!


5 thoughts on “New baby cousins are the best

    • Agreed! It nephew is two and a half, and Darwin is just about 9 months older than Zuri, so we have a nice little cohort forming. Unfortunately they’re both on the east coast. So, so far away from Oregon.


  1. It is mind blowing to think that a couple of centuries ago, you wouldn’t even hear about important events on another continent for a few months. Now we have the wonders of Skype! As much I’m a curmudgeonly Luddite sometimes, I feel so thankful to have the ability to not just talk to, but see, family on the other side of the world.

    And Darwin does look excited about the possibility of chomping down on that paper!

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