I am the mom who…

I started thinking about some of this stuff and after realizing how long it has been since I actually posted, thought it might be a good jump start. Thanks to My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows for the tag!

I am the mom who loves the extra hours of sleep a disposable diaper over night brings.

I am the mom who swore I’d never have my face buried in my phone when I had my precious little baby with me, but now regularly do (sorry for the silent judging pre-kid, moms).

I am the mom who gives unsolicited advice even though I work really hard not to.

I am the mom who turns on the whir noise machine at night to cover up the sound of Netflix in the bedroom when the baby is asleep.

I am the mom who is so bad about matching clothes that for a while my own mom could always tell when I had dressed the baby.

I am the mom who struggles with social anxiety on a daily basis, and wins more now that there’s a baby.

I am the mom who doesn’t stagger new foods…

I am the mom who is up when the baby is sleeping so I can write a blog post and will wine about it tomorrow morning when I can’t wake up.

I am the mom who will edit this post at some point to tag others because see above.

Night all!


11 thoughts on “I am the mom who…

  1. Yeah, I’m the mom who has no time to stagger new foods lol. I don’t mind unsolicited advice, sometimes it’s been very helpful, and others it’s been interesting, but not applicable. I say as long as it’s not judgmental, what’s wrong with trying to help a fellow mama out? Don’t hoard all the knowledge lol!

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    • I realized this morning that I think the unsolicited advice is part of my social anxiety. I feel better if I feel like I can help! I try really hard to make it not advice but just things that worked for me. Thanks!


  2. You are also the mom who is up at all hours of the night with a teething baby, or a sleeping baby who won’t stop kicking you. You’re also the mom who manages to work 24 hours a week, breastfeed, (mostly) cloth diaper, and donate milk to other mamas. You are the mama who supported your wife through grad school during all 4 trimesters and didn’t beg her not to apply for a PhD. You’re the mama whose birth didn’t go as planned but you’ve managed to remember the best parts and make meaning out of the rest.

    I love that you’re normalizing the imperfections of motherhood, but as the other mama i feel it’s my responsibility to make sure to highlight all the amazing and perfect things you do, too 😉

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