Seven months

Today my daughter is exactly seven months old. Seven months ago we were spending our first exhausted, exhilarating night with a little loaf of Darwin. As of 1:30 pm, that loaf weighs 19 lbs 12 oz (finally plateauing a bit) and is 27 inches tall!

Seven months means lots of bouncing, but finally it’s not us doing it! Darwin loves to stand holding our hands and bounce for as long as we’ll hold on. She’s working on all the muscles she’ll be engaging to crawl, and eventually walk, in the next month/s.

Solid foods are becoming a daily part of life. So far Darwin loves blueberries (frozen, great for teething), chicken, toast crusts, sweet peas, carrots, banana, mashed butternut squash, and cucumber. Mango and celery also appear to be hits, but have only been tried a couple of times so we’ll have to confirm.

My favorite part of this month is that Darwin has suddenly become very, very happy being with MamaLee. Not that she hasn’t been happy before, but she’s been relatively clingy to me (ie the milk dispenser), especially when she’s tired or teething. This month that has begun to change, and my arms and heart are very happy about it. Seeing her reach out for MamaLee just melts me! I was worried that the first time Darwin chose Leah over me I would be at least a little sad, but it was just the sweetest thing.

On to month 8!

20150410_162952       20150410_153306


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