Morning crying

Seven months has started off with a scream. Darwin woke up this morning and began crying. And didn’t stop for nearly an hour. Teeth? Ears? Gut? Hopefully the pediatrician will be able to figure it out this afternoon.


For now, tylenol and sweet sleep.


8 thoughts on “Morning crying

    • Thanks, I think she’s on the upswing. Pediatrician said her ears looked good and as far as she could tell it was probably pressure from congestion for her cold last week. I’m skeptical, but I’m at a loss for other explanations at this point!

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      • Brian was inconsolable two mornings ago. I had to take him on a 5 am car ride to get him back to sleep. He is getting over a cold and was congested so maybe that was it. I thought it was teething. Hopefully with Darwin it will be the same as for us, an isolated incident.

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