I am the mom who…

I started thinking about some of this stuff and after realizing how long it has been since I actually posted, thought it might be a good jump start. Thanks to My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows for the tag!

I am the mom who loves the extra hours of sleep a disposable diaper over night brings.

I am the mom who swore I’d never have my face buried in my phone when I had my precious little baby with me, but now regularly do (sorry for the silent judging pre-kid, moms).

I am the mom who gives unsolicited advice even though I work really hard not to.

I am the mom who turns on the whir noise machine at night to cover up the sound of Netflix in the bedroom when the baby is asleep.

I am the mom who is so bad about matching clothes that for a while my own mom could always tell when I had dressed the baby.

I am the mom who struggles with social anxiety on a daily basis, and wins more now that there’s a baby.

I am the mom who doesn’t stagger new foods…

I am the mom who is up when the baby is sleeping so I can write a blog post and will wine about it tomorrow morning when I can’t wake up.

I am the mom who will edit this post at some point to tag others because see above.

Night all!


MamaLee and the New Blog

When Little Rainbow Bug was first conceived (the blog, not the baby), it was going to be a blog for both mamas to chronicle the journey to and through parenthood. Then I (MamaRae) rather took over. So MamaLee started a new blog for her thoughts! You can find her here if you’re interested!

Seven months

Today my daughter is exactly seven months old. Seven months ago we were spending our first exhausted, exhilarating night with a little loaf of Darwin. As of 1:30 pm, that loaf weighs 19 lbs 12 oz (finally plateauing a bit) and is 27 inches tall!

Seven months means lots of bouncing, but finally it’s not us doing it! Darwin loves to stand holding our hands and bounce for as long as we’ll hold on. She’s working on all the muscles she’ll be engaging to crawl, and eventually walk, in the next month/s.

Solid foods are becoming a daily part of life. So far Darwin loves blueberries (frozen, great for teething), chicken, toast crusts, sweet peas, carrots, banana, mashed butternut squash, and cucumber. Mango and celery also appear to be hits, but have only been tried a couple of times so we’ll have to confirm.

My favorite part of this month is that Darwin has suddenly become very, very happy being with MamaLee. Not that she hasn’t been happy before, but she’s been relatively clingy to me (ie the milk dispenser), especially when she’s tired or teething. This month that has begun to change, and my arms and heart are very happy about it. Seeing her reach out for MamaLee just melts me! I was worried that the first time Darwin chose Leah over me I would be at least a little sad, but it was just the sweetest thing.

On to month 8!

20150410_162952       20150410_153306

Morning crying

Seven months has started off with a scream. Darwin woke up this morning and began crying. And didn’t stop for nearly an hour. Teeth? Ears? Gut? Hopefully the pediatrician will be able to figure it out this afternoon.


For now, tylenol and sweet sleep.

This time last year – March

So I’m a bit late. And I skipped February, because all February was last year was sleeping and anxiety. March marked the end of the first trimester and the first time hearing the Bug’s heartbeat on the doppler. At exactly 14 weeks, on March 3rd, we heard the steady whoosh of her heart beating. It was an amazing high. From one minute to the next I went from a ball of anxiety to relaxed. I’m big on numbers. I love data. I knew that hearing a heartbeat after 12 weeks meant that my risk of miscarriage had dropped to less than 1%, and for someone with the potential for thyroid problems that is a really big deal.

The first trimester ended with a bang, also known as a 9 day long migraine. The only thing I’ve found that works for my migraines is ibuprofen, a big no-no during pregnancy. I muddled through taking hot showers, ice-packing my head, drinking tons of water, and when absolutely desperate, taking benadryl to sleep it off. I stressed a lot about even taking benadryl, but finally came to the conclusion that the stress hormones from the migraine weren’t doing the baby any favors either, and benadryl, being a Class B drug, was just about the safest option that I knew would work. That was the last migraine I had until after Darwin was born. In other words, after the first trimester, my body loved being pregnant. Until August brought with it record heat, but that’s for another post.

Everyone kept telling me to look forward to having more energy in my second trimester, but to be honest, I could have happily slept through most of my pregnancy. Not because I wasn’t well, but because I was so tired! I often took off work early to nap on the couch, and was regularly thankful for a job where I could make up the hours in the middle of the night when I was unable to sleep. And I did. Several times.

It was also in March that I started noticing Braxton-Hicks contractions (at 15 weeks, to be precise). My understanding had always been that those happened only towards the very end of pregnancy, so it was a surprise when I starting feeling my uterus tighten into a hard little ball, then release. It wasn’t often or regular, so I wasn’t worried, but it was an odd sensation that would sometimes leave me feeling a little nauseated. My midwife confirmed that was what was happening and that it was a good sign for oxytocin reactivity. I would confirm that when I was laboring for so long, 25 weeks later.

As you can see from the photo below (14 weeks), I started out underweight and was not yet showing. Also, I was too tired to get a haircut.

2014-03-04 01.14.33

A week of the sicks

This week has been rough. On Monday I started coming down with The Cold From Hell. By Tuesday Darwin was sleeping enough and pulling at her little ears so I knew she was getting it. Last night included about 2.5 hours of actual sleeping in my part. Darwin would sleep in my arms while I was bouncing on the birth ball. MamaLee came in a few times to give me a break but Darwin has been a whiney butt about anyone but me at night. A phase which I hope passes on the closer end of now. At least Leah isn’t sick too!
And that’s pretty much it. Sometimes I just need to whine a little bit.