6 months

Today Darwin turned 6 months old. My best friend’s son,  my nephew Liam, turned 5 and a half. We joke that Liam got an epic birthday present this past year. I just think it’s amazing that two kids who met in high school and kept a friendship going across a continent and an ocean had their own two kids on the same day, five years apart.
Currently, Darwin is curled up asleep next to me. She is cutting her two top front teeth and between the discomfort all day and the tylenol MamaLee gave her this evening, she’s hopefully down for the count.
Six months is fun and tiring all the time. Darwin is getting so big and strong that when she decides that she doesn’t want something, like to wear a diaper, it can be frustrating. And painful. She kicks really hard! At night I will often bounce her down. Well, lately she has started kicking me while I do this. Hard enough to bruise! She does not kick MamaLee, but also has an opinion about anyone other than me putting her to bed. There are times when a little reason would be welcome.
Darwin is sitting up quite well now. She can lean forward and to the side to get things she wants (including food and pets!) and gets very excited when food is actually provided. We started offering her a few things three weeks ago because she was distraught that she could not have what we had. So far avocado is a no (after three tries so far), cucumber is a favorite, pear is a close second, and carrot is a nice teether. Olives are also a favorite, but we’re not giving her many because of the salt.
I’ll have to update more later, as I just realized I haven’t eaten dinner and the baby is sleeping! Hope everyone is doing well in their respective places ❤



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