Darwin has cut the first of many teeth. No wonder I saw every hour of the day for six days! Once it’s big enough I’ll try to get a picture.

In other news, she is so freaking cute I can’t contain myself. She fell asleep holding her dog in one hand and petting him with the other.

Darwin's first lovey - Townsend

Darwin’s first lovey – Townsend


6 thoughts on “Shark

  1. I had to look up a scrappy dog and oh. Oh. I need probably a dozen of them. They are so cute!

    Poor little thing. Teething really is the worst sometimes. We did a lot of frozen washcloths and, when they got older, frozen waffles saved the day. Here’s hoping she gets them in quickly and with as little pain as possible.

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    • Oh frozen washcloths! I forgot that trick! I was a little heart broken for her that she started teething before solid foods could happen. Although in comparison to stories I’ve heard of teething, she seems to be on the lower end of discomfort. Ironically my teeth may hurt more at the moment from the five fillings I got at the beginning of the month. Oh pregnancy, what you do to us!


      • Thatcher teet he’d surprisingly well. We only knew it was coming from the extra long napping and drool. When they started solids, we also did frozen fruit/veggies in a mesh baggy to gnaw on. Frozen bananas hold up well.

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