Darwin has become obsessed with food. She stares at us while we’re eating as if she could bring the food into her mouth by force of will. She has been becoming more and more interested since about 4 months, and on Sunday afternoon (February 22nd) we gave in and offered her some avocado. The results are still out (update: avocado is a ‘no’ for now).


The first taste


The aftermath


Darwin sits

From the first moment she opened her eyes after she was born, Darwin has been very engaged in the world around her. Everyone, from the hospital pediatricians to people on the street commented about how alert she was, strikingly so. She is less than thrilled with inward-facing carriers (although she still tolerates them – for now) and much to my chagrin tends to prefer strollers where she can observe the world more clearly and without having to whip her head from side to side. Perhaps then, it should not come as a surprise that Darwin is dramatically (and I use the word with roots in “drama” intentionally) happier when sitting or standing. And for anyone who has every experienced a bobbly-wobbly baby who weighs more than 18 lbs, you can understand our incredible, indescribable joy at reaching this milestone:


Darwin sits (mama needs a haircut)

5 months!

Today Darwin is 5 months old. She has changed so much in the last couple of weeks. Five months with Darwin looks like lots of reaching out and grabbing things, including cheeks, hair, toys, and glasses. It looks like crying when new, unfamiliar people try to hold her when she isn’t ready. Five months is smiling every time she sees us, and kicking and waving her arms when we go to pick her up. Five months is amazing.

I can hardly believe that this kid is 5 months old. Until this week I was breastfeeding her every two hours almost around the clock. This week she has backed off and has had some 3, 4, and even 5 hour stretches, mostly during the day. I had always assumed that I would nurse her anywhere anytime. I never considered that Darwin herself might not be up for nursing anywhere. She has gotten to the point where anything other than nursing at home is a trial. A trial with two teeth. I’m hoping it’s a phase. Time will tell.

So far, rolling over is close but not there yet, so we’re still firmly in the ‘not mobile’ camp, but our time there is clearly limited. Darwin is working hard to roll, but also to get her knees under her, so it’s a race between scooting and rolling!

As of yesterday, for the record, Darwin weighed in at 18 lbs 6 oz.

Who doesn't love a giant pink bear suit?

Who doesn’t love a giant pink bear suit?


Darwin has cut the first of many teeth. No wonder I saw every hour of the day for six days! Once it’s big enough I’ll try to get a picture.

In other news, she is so freaking cute I can’t contain myself. She fell asleep holding her dog in one hand and petting him with the other.

Darwin's first lovey - Townsend

Darwin’s first lovey – Townsend