4 months

Darwin turned 4 months old on Saturday. She also met my favorite milestone so far (on Saturday night no less): laughing!

Four months looks like lots of wanting to stand up with support and smiling when MamaRae comes into the room. It looks like chewing on everything she can get to her mouth, and deciding that pacifiers are actually amazing. It is the beginning of 6 to 9 month clothing and the end of the very largest 0 to 3 month sleeper. It is 17 lbs 5 oz (height to be determined at the pediatrician on Tuesday). Sometimes it is telling mamas that it is time to go to bed and them missing the notice so some fussing and angry nursing before falling asleep all at once (bet nursing mamas understand why I’m thrilled she’s taking a pacifier now).

I love four months, just as I have loved the previous three. Darwin is sleeping peacefully beside me now, after a day of interrupted naps and a bath that was great until she was done and still in it. In spite of things that should have made it so hard, it was a good day. We saw friends and family at church, we had lunch with Opa and Grandma, and MamaLee finally got her cough checked out by a doctor and got on an inhaler. Hoping tomorrow night she can sleep on the bedroom again after many weeks of nagging coughing.

On another note, next weekend my brother and sister-in-law and nephew are flying out to meet Darwin, and I’m very excited! Nephew B is just over 2 and I haven’t seen him in person in about 7 months. He’s so much bigger and I am really looking forward to introducing him to his cousin.


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