A rough week

It’s amazing how quickly things can snowball in such a short amount of time. I could spend a lot of time complaining about how this week went, but I’m going to try to just list all the difficulties we faced, send it out into the interwebs, and let it go. Some of this is super disgusting, so if you have a weak stomach, feel free to skip this post…

On Monday, MamaLee got sick with a low-grade fever/cold. This is after I had been sick with a cold all week last week (and it continues).

On Tuesday, our cat Mouse peed blood. This required a trip to the vet that we couldn’t get into until Thursday afternoon. Since she’s a girl, and has a history of UTI’s, we weren’t too worried, but for the expense and getting her in.

On Wednesday, Darwin had caught MamaLee’s cold and had been up most of the night. A sick 3 month old is so very sad.

On Thursday morning, MamaLee defended her thesis, which meant up at 6:30 after not sleeping again with the baby. MamaLee defended successfully (bright spot)! Then went home and found that the soup she had left on the stove was now, quite literally, all over the kitchen. The dog, Scout, even managed to get it on the ceiling. With sick baby in tow, and a cold herself, she cleaned up as much of that as she could, then cleaned up the cat vomit in the bathroom before collecting Mouse for her appointment. She then picked me up from work and off to the vet. The vet was great, recommending symptomatic care and if that didn’t clear it up, testing her pee. We thought we were lucky to be off the hook with vet bills, until we got home. And saw the bloody vomit. All over the hallway. Our 2nd cat, Uke, was also sick. Called the vet, got an appointment for 12 the following day. At this point I realized I had not slept for more than an hour at a time in over 48 hours. I believe I passed out on the bed by 8pm. MamaLee’s oldest sister, Aunt Morgan, arrived (bright spot!) while I was passed out.

On Friday morning Darwin had slept better, but woke up coughing and sneezing and wheezing a bit. Called the pediatrician. Appointment for 1 pm. In checking my phone I found out that my great aunt, who has been in declining health for years, will probably not live more than another few days. Went to work briefly. Came back, packed up a very angry kitty, and very sneezy baby, and a feverish wife. Vet is running behind by 30 minutes due to emergencies. I take Darwin to the pediatrician while my wife stays with the cat. Two hours later, Darwin has been cleared as having a cold (also now in the 96th percentile for height at 25 inches, and 97th for head circumference at 42 cm), and the cat has been given fluids, anti-nausea medication, and had a blood draw.

Which brings us to today. Today the vet called to let us know that my cat is not currently dying. She may have mild pancreatitis, or hyperthyroidism, and appears to be a bit anorexic. Other than the thyroid, it is likely that there may have been food poisoning. Her kidneys (the main worry) are not failing. Hurray! Darwin slept again last night. We’re all still sick. And I’m writing this while waiting for my program complete its current simulation so that I can keep working. I love the fact that I can work on Saturday to make up for days like yesterday.


10 thoughts on “A rough week

  1. Woo, yikes. That is a week, huh? It’s so hard when they are young like that to help them feel comfortable and well. Don’t know if anyone has suggested, but we begrudgingly got a Nosefrida and it has worked wonders. It’s a light suction from a tube you can do orally yourself. It helps our kids through colds to give them a clear passage. I will warn you, the concept is gross but absolutely nothing has escaped into my mouth so far! (Now it will, of course.)

    Hoping for health for the whole family. Cats can be so tricky but I’m glad to hear kidneys are good. I lost a cat to kidney failure almost two years ago and it’s still an ugly subject.

    Congrats on the thesis!

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      • It works incredibly well and can be done while they sleep, which was our favorite part.

        And yes, it is unique. That’s the best way to describe it. We make a commitment to love and care for a life that we know will likely be much shorter than our own life. It guarantees heartache.


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