11lbs 4oz

We had our last post partum appointment with our midwife on Tuesday evening. Darwin barely fit in the scale sling, and surprised us by gaining about 2/3rds lbs per week over the last three weeks! She’s now above the 75th percentile in weight.

Everything else looks good too. Dar is on track for all of the developmental markers they check at this point and I’m almost completely healed up from the birth.

All-in-all, life is good – Darwin has been a delight. Although as my mother says, even an easy baby is a whole lot of hard work. I’m nursing her on demand, which generally means a minimum of two hours between feeding except when she wants to comfort nurse when she has gas, which means pretty constant nursing for up to a couple hours. That doesn’t happen a lot, but it’s hardest at night. I’ve fallen asleep nursing the Bug more than once!

Sleeping in 1 to 2 hour chunks is also a bit rough, although better than it was during my 3rd trimester. MamaLee has been awesome and taken a few evening ‘shifts’ with milk that I’ve pumped so that I can sleep for 3 or more hours in a stretch. When I wake up from those naps is strange how much I just want to hold Darwin. I appreciate that she likes to be held as much as I love holding her.

The last appointment would have been very sad if Leah weren’t our midwife’s master’s student, (hopefully) soon to be PhD student. She is part of our family, so moving beyond our regular appointments is doable without too much sadness. Also knowing that she’s still here for us if something comes up helps.


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