5 weeks post partum

Darwin's last time in her first outfit

Darwin’s last time in her first outfit

Darwin has passed the 5 week mark and I’m blown away by how much she has changed already. At her 4 week appointment she already weighed in at 2 ounces over 9 lbs, and she has outgrown several of her newborn outfits (including her first outfit, which was roomy only a couple of weeks ago!). I’m only slightly sad that she’s moving out of the newborn phase. Mostly I’m excited to see her developing new abilities daily, and I can hardly wait for the time when she can smile intentionally!

Last Thursday was her first really difficult night, in which Darwin thought it best to fuss and nurse every thirty minutes all night long. I blame it on the convergence of gas – inducing brie and a growth spurt. Going off dairy entirely cleared up most of the gas within a couple of days. I miss ice cream, but it’s worth not seeing Dar kick her legs and scrunch her face up with gut pains.

In terms of myself, I’m starting to actually feel like I’m mostly recovered from laboring and pushing this little Bug out. When I was about 8 months pregnant I was eating dinner with my parents on their porch and a woman walked by with a six month old baby in an Ergo. I remember thinking how jealous I was that she had already gone through the unknown process of labor and the recovery that was required afterwards. FridayI walked our rather exuberant dog a mile with Dar in her Ergo. It was a beautiful fall day and I realized just how much time has passed since September 10th. Now that I’m on the other side of giving birth I can only hope that the mama I saw walking with her little one had as easy a recovery as I have had.


2 thoughts on “5 weeks post partum

  1. What a cute little love bug! Getting a full month out of newborn clothes is good! Yay for bodies being recovered, it makes such a big difference! And those smiles are right around the corner, but I’ll warn ya you get hooked on them immediately.


  2. I was soooo sad when M grew out of his newborn clothes, but now that he is getting bigger it’s just exciting to see all of his new developments. I’m glad you are finally feeling better, recovery is so hard and seems to take forever.


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