39 + 2

This morning we had what I hope (but am trying not to expect) was our last prenatal. Everything looks good to go and Bug has dropped a bit. The slight downside is that this little one has firmly shown a preference for my right side, which can mean a longer labor, but when I consider that we could be going into this with a footling breech, I have no real complaints!

Most of the last few weeks has been about trying, and failing, to sleep more than two hours at a time, and getting as much work done as my sleep deprived brain can handle. 

Scout the dog has started acupuncture in the desperate hope that it will help her anxiety about the world, which manifests in destroying things and climbing into my lap. All 57 lbs. I wish we had thought about it months ago, but we will do what we can with what we’ve got! I never thought I would have a ten year old dog with as much energy as a typical puppy! We’re very grateful that she loves babies and are doing what we can to prepare her. Lots of exercise (which is great for me too) and more training time. 

Here’s hoping by this time next week I’m either in labor or I can already sleep on my stomach! 


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