Cooler weather…briefly

This is a little bit stream-of-conscious blogging today. It’s how I’ve been feeling lately, contemplative and a bit scattered.

It is great to have a little respite from the 85-95 degree weather, even if I see that next week looks worse than last. I intend to live in my office and my bedroom: the two locations I have air conditioning and can work! I’m a little annoyed at the fact that I don’t seem to have the “I’m warm all the time” thing going for me. I’m wearing a light-weight coat in my office as I lunch and write. It seems I’ve only lost the ability to deal with the heat. 

We have been slowly putting our house back together after the great kitchen painting adventure. MamaLee actually did most of the work in the kitchen yesterday (it’s so pretty and clean right now!), and mopped floors. It’s good to have two nesting mama’s. Our roof was also completed on Tuesday morning, so no more hammering and no more mess. To be fair, these contractors were incredibly tidy with their mess in comparison to other projects I’ve seen, and now we don’t have to worry about the rain coming in (just in time, based on the two pieces of roof decking that had to be replaced). 

Bug seems pretty content to stay put of the time being. MamaLee got to feel the little foot that has been sliding back and forth along the bottom of my ribs for the past couple of weeks. I love seeing her eyes light-up when Bug pokes out and makes contact: best feeling ever. Kicks, punches, and rolls have become stronger, but a little more constrained as Bug gets bigger. Earlier I thought there may have been a jailbreak attempt the punches were so hard! Of course, all this movement has kicked up the Braxton-Hicks contractions, which is good preparation for labor. I started feeling mine when I was about 16 weeks in, and they’ve only intensified over time. Luckily, they always respond to a big glass of water and a little rest.

Today is our 37 week prenatal where we walk through a birth plan with our midwives and those who are going to be at the birth (or at least in the house while I labor…). I’m looking forward to this because I’ve been feeling slightly at loose ends, knowing that I’m now considered “early term”, and we haven’t discussed it in detail yet. 


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