14 weeks (the second trimester)

Greetings from the other side of deciding to try for a third little monkey! We decided this fall to give it a go and luck was apparently with us, because our little Firefly is due September 14th, 4 days after Darwin turns 5, much to her delight.

So far this pregnancy has been very similar to my first. Mostly I’m just tired all the time. That has eased a lot entering the second trimester, which is good because I’m pretty sure Leah was about to go on strike from all parenting and household responsibilities! She did a great job holding things together while I was regularly falling asleep before 9 pm.

Currently the kids are absolutely thrilled at the idea of a new baby in the family. Linnea keeps talking about clothes she has outgrown being ‘for the new baby now.’ If this new creature finds even half as amazing a relationship with Darwin and Linnea as they have together I will be thrilled.

Since I’m over 35 and our donor is as well I opted for the early NIPT testing to check for the most common chromosomal abnormalities, and we also opted to find out what the sex chromosomes are. We learned that this little nugget is low risk for all the common chromosomal abnormalities and that we’re having a little boy, until/unless shown otherwise (the ultrasound confirmed only one little bean in there, thank goodness).

I’ll sign off with one of our first photos, head on the bottom left, feet and hands up.


Two in preschool

Ever since Linnea started preschool in mid January things have calmed down,in most ways, a little bit. The kids are generally in school together from 9 to 12 Monday through Thursday. Linnea is apparently fitting right in and has never had a difficult drop off the way Darwin did starting out. Trailblazing can be tough when you’re three.

All in all, it’s delightful. Both kids love the fact that they go to school together. Darwin and her best friend I have apparently absorbed Linnea into their twosome seamlessly (so far). Linnea is now able to voice her desires about new lessons she would like from the teachers, regularly has snack, and uses the bathroom even more successfully than she does at home.

Currently Darwin’s favorite thing to do is play Mancala with L, and Linnea seems to be happiest washing dishes and doing art projects. I can’t wait for parent-teacher conferences to find out more!

Day or night

It’s always a funny thing having children who are so different from one another. Darwin is a night owl and would sleep until noon like a teenager if we let her. Linnea, while she has had nights where she is wired until 11, typically she is asleep by 8. When she doesn’t nap, she often falls asleep in her dinner. But she’s often up by 6.

In the last month or so, Leah began telling her it was still night, not say, and it was time to go back to sleep. This kid bought it! To the point where when now both of our children wake up and if it’s not clearly light outside they demand ‘day or night?’ If we respond ‘night’ they try to go back to sleep!! What is the magic?

After four years of never sleeping through the night, I’m now getting sleep in 4 and 5 hour chunks regularly. It is glorious.

Eve of four

Four years ago I was in labor. 10 hours in.

Three years ago my baby was about to turn one and I was completely overwhelmed by how fast and slow my newborn was becoming her own little creature.

Two years ago, my sweet toddler was about to turn two. She was a newly anointed big sister and seemed suddenly SO BIG.

One year ago my preschooler was about to turn three. She was a week into preschool and a month away from fully weaning.

This year my dear oldest child is about to turn four. Today she helped me pick three pounds of hops off the vine, picked apples from our tree, and helped clean the house.

I can’t wait to see what the next year looks like…if only she would go to sleep…